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The programme is divided into 12/13 sessions, each one covering a different topic. Every 6-8 weeks you’ll come to the training centre in Somerset and learn about a topic. Then you’ll go back to work and put what you’ve learnt into practice.

If you’re on the monthly payment plan, you pay for each segment before you come to do the training.

Once you’ve completed all of the topics, the final session will be the assessment.

For the Master Technician course, there is a preparation day before the assessment. Here you will have the opportunity to brush up on all topics and go over topics you personally need extra support with. You will then partake in the practical assessment day.

If you’re successful, at the end of the course you will be awarded the accredited Diagnostic or Master Technician Training award and receive entry on to the IMI’s Professional Register. Your professional status is recognised throughout the motor industry.

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